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Personal matters

ADVISER Armknecht & Partners attorneys-at-law provides not only professional support for business clients but also legal assistance in personal matters. In this respect, we offer assistance in the broad sense of relations of civil law, family law, and inheritance law.

Our services include:

  • issuing opinions on developer contracts,
  • bankruptcy proceedings for a natural person (so-called consumer bankruptcy),
  • drafting, reviewing and consulting real estate sale and lease agreements,
  • construction matters (cases on construction defects, contracts for construction works, repair works, and administrative permits and approvals),
  • property matters, including cases concerning the division of property,
  • inheritance cases (including cases regarding confirmation of inheritance acquisition, inheritance division, cases regarding retention),
  • matters concerning: banking law, labor law, copyright law, family law, contract law,
  • matters concerning real estate and construction law (e.g. abolition of co-ownership, division of real estate),
  • vindication of monetary claims,
  • representation in proceedings in common and administrative courts, as well as in arbitration and mediation proceedings.


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ECL Euro - Cargo - Logistik Kontor GmbH

Bearing in mind the reliable and timely performance of services by lawyers from ADVISER Armknecht and Partners Attorneys at Law, we hereby provide them with references and recommend ADVISER Armknecht and Partners Attorneys at Law as professional business and legal advisers.

Avril (Mixscience) BNA Nutrition Animale sp. z o.o.

In our opinion, the lawyers of the law firm ADVISER Armknecht i Partnerzy Radcowie Prawni sp.k. based in Gdynia provide high-quality services that are distinguished by the accuracy of solutions and effectiveness, in particular in the field of debt collection. Based on our experience so far, we recommend the law office as a professional law firm.

Transprojekt Gdański sp. z o.o.

We confirm that the lawyers from ADVISER Armknecht i Partnerzy Radcowie Prawni have provided our company with legal advisory services in the field of corporate matters, in particular in the field of commercial companies law. The services were provided in a timely and reliable manner, and the cooperation was professional.

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Wojciech Armknecht

founder, legal counsel