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Real estate and investment process

Real estate and investment process

We provide services to real estate purchasers (developer agreement) and individual investors (single-family houses, terraced houses, detached houses), as well as real estate transformations (change of the property status, dissolution of co-ownership, separation of premises, etc.).

Our legal services include a comprehensive approach to the investment process in terms of providing legal, and tax services, filing documents with institutions, obtaining approvals and permits and administrative decisions, organizing and coordinating contracts in the form of a notarial deed, as well as conducting financial analysis when choosing the form and method of financing or insuring the investment.

We represent investors in the process of making arrangements with the relevant public administration authorities or local governments, conducting negotiations and negotiating the agreement with the general contractor or contractors, as well as financial institutions (bank loans and other financial instruments), including grants or co-financing of the investment from the EU funds.

The Law Firm provides advisory services during the construction of new or modernization (repair) of existing facilities (residential, industrial, infrastructure, including roads and hydro-technical structures).

Our services include:

  • real estate matters (abolition of co-ownership, division of real estate),
  • preparation and evaluation of development agreements (preliminary and transfer of ownership agreements), prospectuses following the development conditions, technical regulations, construction decisions, and consumer regulations (in terms of grey clauses and abusive clauses),
  • active participation in the development of project documentation (checking the correctness of the documentation with the law, including technical standards), selection of general contractor or contractors, construction, and other acceptances, e.g. HCCAP, PPOŻ,
  • property audit: we check the property in terms of establishing its legal and factual status, in particular possible claims or encumbrances related to the property as well as its credible investment potential,
  • counseling at the stage of investment planning, e.g. selection of the investor's legal form, including the creation of SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), implementation of the investment and selection of financing, design phase, until the completion of the investment process,
  • support for investment projects in the scope of co-financing investments from the environmental protection fund with the use of Renewable Energy Sources and Alternative Energy Sources (e.g. geothermal - ground source heat pumps, collectors, solar panels, solars - eco-energy/green energy),
  • in the area of brokering of inequalities: we handle real estate sale/purchase transactions before a notary public, assisted by a tax advisor (acquisition of real estate through inheritance, donation, bailiff auction, real estate sale, including the sale of real estate as a result of a division of property, division of inheritance, sale by public auction, auction, etc.).

We provide comprehensive legal services in the field of real estate and investment process for the following industries:


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