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ADVISER Armknecht & Partners attorneys-at-law is a law firm located in Gdynia (Poland, Pomerania), that provides legal services to business Clients in all matters related to business law & commercial law, relying on personal contact with you and your company.

We do not forget about individual clients in personal matters of inheritance law and property law and real estate law.

The team of our lawyers, combining experience with a modern approach, specializes in commercial company law, construction lawsports law (lex sportiva), TSL (Transport law, Shipping law & Logistics law, forwarding law) industry law, and maritime law.

Our services are directed to domestic and foreign Clients, we provide services to Clients mainly in Poland, particularly in Gdańsk, Sopot Gdynia, and international markets especially in litigation and arbitration as attorneys at law.

We provide legal services in cross-border and international relations in cooperation with law firms, advocates, legal advisors, legal counsels, attorneys at law, and legal specialists associated in AEA - International Lawyers Network. 

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Meet ADVISER Armknecht & Partners attorneys-at-law | The polish law firm with experience

ADVISER Armknecht & Partners attorneys-at-law we are a team of lawyers - attorneys-at-law, legal counsel, advocate and lawyer, specializing in key areas of law for business

ADVISER Armknecht & Partners attorneys-at-law is a law firm operating since 1989, which is made up of a team of attorneys-at-law, legal counsels, and lawyers specializing in various areas of law.

At ADVISER Armknecht & Partners attorneys-at-law law firm in Gdynia, we are focused on long-term cooperation with our Clients based on partnership, first of all, offering permanent legal services in the form of outsourcing of the legal department (comprehensive legal services for companies), but also ad hoc legal assistance for domestic and foreign business Clients as well as ad hoc legal assistance to natural persons in private matters (personal matters).

Our services are based on the knowledge and experience of our team of lawyers, whose activities are focused on listening to our Clients, understanding their needs, and indicating the most advantageous legal solutions that enable the implementation of their business goals.

ADVISER Armknecht & Partners attorneys-at-law is a team of lawyers, including legal advisers and counsels, who combine experience with a modern approach to legal services, particularly for companies (commercial companies law). We are a team of lawyers, but each case is dealt with individually, focusing on a partnership approach to the Client.

We operate on behalf of our Clients mainly in Gdańsk, Sopot, and Gdynia (Pomerania).

Get a reliable business partner who will provide professional legal services for you and your business. Trust ADVISER Armknecht & Partners attorneys-at-law law office Tricity: Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia!

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In our opinion, the lawyers of the law firm ADVISER Armknecht i Partnerzy Radcowie Prawni sp.k. based in Gdynia provide high-quality services that are distinguished by the accuracy of solutions and effectiveness, in particular in the field of debt collection. Based on our experience so far, we recommend the law office as a professional law firm.

Transprojekt Gdański sp. z o.o.

We confirm that the lawyers from ADVISER Armknecht i Partnerzy Radcowie Prawni have provided our company with legal advisory services in the field of corporate matters, in particular in the field of commercial companies law. The services were provided in a timely and reliable manner, and the cooperation was professional.

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We assess the services of the law firm as reliable and professional, which are, above all, performed on time. We recommend the office as a reliable provider of legal services.

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