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Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

Our finance law, banking, securities, and Stock Market Law (SML) services are offered to banks, leasing companies, brokers, brokerage houses and individuals. The firm provides legal advice in handling corporate and investment banking transactions.

Our services include:

  • support of negotiations and transactions involving loans granted by banks and bank consortia,
  • project finance, debt restructuring and restructuring of capital groups and related transformations,
  • transactions involving financial instruments, including options and forward transactions, when concluding loan agreements and establishing collateral for loans obtained for the execution of planned investments, as well as their refinancing,
  • drafting and providing opinions on model contracts, regulations and general terms and conditions, in particular on credit agreements, including consumer loans, mortgage loans, leasing agreements, factoring and collateral,
  • handling processes related to securities and debt securities, in particular within the scope of bills of exchange law,
  • conducting arrangements with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection,
  • full service of public companies, in particular within the scope of drawing up prospectuses and conducting proceedings before the Financial Supervision Authority,

We provide comprehensive legal services in the field of banking and finance for other industries:


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Transprojekt Gdański sp. z o.o.

We confirm that the lawyers from ADVISER Armknecht i Partnerzy Radcowie Prawni have provided our company with legal advisory services in the field of corporate matters, in particular in the field of commercial companies law. The services were provided in a timely and reliable manner, and the cooperation was professional.

Polbrok Agencja i Spedycja Międzynarodowa sp. z o.o.

We highly appreciate the cooperation with ADVISER Armknecht and Partners Legal Advisers. All orders were completed on time and with the highest quality.

Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic

We have used ADVISER Armknecht & Partners attorneys-at-law to advise us in a issue of maritime law, environmental protection law, public law, international; law and comparative law related to the Contra Project (R&D Project). ADVISER Armknecht & Partners provides excellent legal advice and scientigic approach, always focused on our needs and our expectations.

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