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Commercial companies law

Commercial companies law

The offer of our law firm - ADVISER Armkencht & Partners attorneys-at-law, in the field of commercial companies law (corporate law) includes not only the establishment of commercial law companies, i.e. partnerships (general partnership, partnership, limited partnership, and limited joint-stock partnership) and capital companies (limited liability company, joint-stock company and simple joint-stock company).

Our team as business lawyers helps to adjust the legal form of the company to the subject, type, and scope of business activity conducted by the client. In addition, we offer professional legal assistance in the division of a company, merger of companies, and transformations of commercial companies, including the transformation of business activities of a natural person conducted individually or conducted by natural persons in the form of a civil partnership into a commercial law company.

ADVISER Armknecht & Partners attorneys-at-law also provides comprehensive legal services related to the dissolution and liquidation of commercial companies.

Our services include:

  • counseling at the establishment of commercial law companies, including companies with foreign capital,
  • preparation of draft articles of association, articles of association or shareholders' agreements, shareholders' and management board resolutions,
  • representation of business entities in registration proceedings (Nationial Court Register - Company Register),
  • preparation of transformations of commercial law companies and their division and merger,
  • conducting bankruptcy and recovery proceedings,
  • preparation of documents, including resolutions, transformation plan, contract/statute of the transformed (newly formed) company,
  • support in reporting changes to the National Court of Registration (KRS – polish commercial register),
  • comprehensive service of M&A transactions (mergers and acquisitions),
  • consultations with the statutory auditor and chief accountant,
  • negotiations with business partners.

We provide comprehensive legal services in the field of commercial companies for other industries:


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