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ADVISER Armkencht & Partners attorneys-at-law specializes in providing legal services to entities from the IT and TMT industries (Technology - Media & Telecommunication). Our experience includes, in particular, ongoing legal services for programming companies (so-called software houses) that offer outsourcing services, maintenance services, and offering their own products.


We perfectly understand the IT & TMT industry

The experience we have gained during many years of providing services to entities from the entire IT & TMT industry allows us to understand your business and focus on providing simple and practical legal advice tailored to your needs.



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ECL Euro - Cargo - Logistik Kontor GmbH

Bearing in mind the reliable and timely performance of services by lawyers from ADVISER Armknecht and Partners Attorneys at Law, we hereby provide them with references and recommend ADVISER Armknecht and Partners Attorneys at Law as professional business and legal advisers.

Polbrok Agencja i Spedycja Międzynarodowa sp. z o.o.

We highly appreciate the cooperation with ADVISER Armknecht and Partners Legal Advisers. All orders were completed on time and with the highest quality.

Association of Polish Communes Euroregion Baltic

We have used ADVISER Armknecht & Partners attorneys-at-law to advise us in a issue of maritime law, environmental protection law, public law, international; law and comparative law related to the Contra Project (R&D Project). ADVISER Armknecht & Partners provides excellent legal advice and scientigic approach, always focused on our needs and our expectations.

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Bartosz Armknecht

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