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Personal data protection (GDPR)

Personal data protection (GDPR)

Our Law Firm offers services related to data protection, in particular, the protection of personal data in accordance with the GDPR - the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No. 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 ( Journal of the EU No. L 119 of May 4, 2016) and the Act of May 10, 2018, on the protection of personal data. Our offer in this area is addressed to entrepreneurs and public institutions, including areas such as data protection auditing, implementation of procedures, procedural representation, or the provision of e-DPO services.


We conduct compliance audits of processes, procedures, documentation, and architecture of IT systems adopted in the organization, in which personal data is processed, with the provisions of law, including the GDPR. The purpose of the audit is to identify areas that are not compliant with the GDPR regulations, both in terms of the adopted technical solutions and implemented procedures, along with an assessment of the risk of compliance with the provisions of the GDPR. In addition, we conduct audits in the extended formula, which cover the overall security of your organization, among others. in the scope of protection of know-how and business secrets. Audits are carried out in accordance with the assumptions of ISO / IEC 27001.


Together with specialists in the field of IT and quality management (in the field of process mapping), we develop and implement technical and organizational solutions, including procedures and a documentation basis compliant with the GDPR. The procedures are implemented on the basis of auditing activities, including the preparation and keeping of Records of Processing Activities and the creation of a Data Protection Impact Assessment-DPIA. We also provide post-implementation support, which aims to check the compliance of the processes adopted in the organization in the field of personal data handling and to undertake cyclical (periodic) audit activities in the implementation of the adopted solutions.


As part of the services we provide, we offer outsourcing of services related to the performance of the Data Protection Officer (if there is an actual or legal necessity), as well as activities related to ad hoc activities in this area, including support for activities and tasks performed by the in-house Data Protection Officer. In particular in the field of contacts with public administration bodies, periodic control of documentation, and training.


The training offer includes two types of training:

General training in the field of personal data protection law, including indicating case studies in their implementation. General training can be organized in an open or closed formula.
Dedicated training in a closed formula, which covers basic knowledge in the field of personal data protection law, and is more focused on providing employees of the organization with knowledge of the adopted and applicable solutions or the organization's associates, knowledge of the adopted and their applicable solutions and internal organizational procedures.
Specialized training, dedicated to a given industry, e.g. TSL, maritime, construction, sports (industry training), or for people who act as a Data Protection Officer (advanced training).
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We also provide legal representation in proceedings before courts and offices of the Republic of Poland, in particular the Office for Personal Data Protection (formerly GIODO) in matters related to the protection of personal data, and legal assistance during inspections by competent state authorities.

We provide comprehensive legal services in the field of data protection & GDPR for the following industries:


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